TANITIM [EN] ✅ RonarkWar New Server February 4ᵗʰ at 22:00 ▌Best PK Server of History is Returning For New Records ▌Amazing New Features ▌NO KOXP!! ✅

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Best PK Server of History RonarkWar New Server is returning for new records! Returning with amazing new features!

Hello, Dear RonarkWar Players;
RonarkWar that you have been waiting for and frequently asked about is returning on Febuary 4ᵗʰ at 22:00 (10:00 PM GMT+3). Our new server will be a legendary server that will provide the thrill and interest you are looking for.

When will our server do the Official opening?
Our server will make it’s Official opening on Febuary 4ᵗʰ at 22:00 TR TIME (10:00 PM GMT+3).

Yeni Sunucuda Eski KC'lerimiz Geçerli Olucak mı ?
Mevcut açık sunucumuzda kastığınız NP'yi npc aracılığıyla kc'ye çevirebilirsiniz , Her 100K NP'ye = 100 KC alabilirsiniz. (Bu İşlemi 1 Şubat'a Kadar Yapmanız Gerekir 3 Şubatta Hesaplardaki KC'ler AB'ye Çevirilecektir.

Will the old KC’s we owned be usable in the New Server?
You can exchange the NP you grinded to KC via the NPC on our current server. For each 100 NP you can get 100 KC (100 NP = 100 KC). You must Exchange your NPs until February 1st , on February 3rd KCs you own will convert to AB.

Can we make use of the NPs in the old server?
You can exchange the NP you grinded to KC via the NPC on our current server. For each 100 NP you can get 100 KC (100 NP = 100 KC)

Will the CSW be active on the opening day?
On our new server from the beginning, will happen at these dates;
February 4ᵗʰ Friday 23:00 (11:00 PM GMT+3)
February 5ᵗʰ Saturday 22:00 (GMT+3)
February 6ᵗʰ Sunday 22:00 (GMT+3)
Rewards : 500 TL cash + 500 AB

What are the new features of the new server?

On our new server there will be events every week with TL cash reward. These events will be announced on this thread and on the Forum page.

  • Stronghold Siege event has been added to the game.
  • Discord RonarkWar INFO update feature has been brought.
  • Nova Range Limit is added to Mages
  • Auto + CTRL 1 Target System
  • Adjustable Death Notice
  • Merchant Item Search Scroll (SC) is renewed and Searching with KC has been added.
  • Mages NOW can TP players from Delos Town.
  • New JOB event ( Everyone can pick a job with equal items for 1 hour )
  • Bowl Jungle has no longer Right NP drops and Left NP drops are increased.
  • Anti AFK Slots are brought to CZ Jungle Farm.
  • Special for 4 Jobs there are Dragon, H and Nazi
  • On Genie Six Macro Function is blocked.
  • CSs drops from BOSSes are decreased
  • Every Sunday CSW event will happen with 500 TL reward.
  • New and detailed Power Up Store page (PUS)
  • Master accessories’s attributes are increased. (Little amounts of increasing on LEGO ve HEROS)
  • Arty Wings and Solar Tatto now can be stored in the bank (Enostes).
  • You can now Exchange Gem as whole and now it’s detailed.
  • SEAL locks on Costume Items are removed.
  • TP from Gate to Bowl and to Farm Slots added as a Solo

A lot more new features will be added to this thread in the future.

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Pictures Are From Our Older Server. Our Servers Lasts Very Long and Servers Open Once A Year. To Not To Miss To Opportunity Join Us And Game ON ! Our New Server is on February 4ᵗʰ at 22:00 !

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